Archdiocese sets listening sessions

Parish ready for synod to breathe new life in church

Listening Sessions

In late April and early May our parish will hold our local session(s) in preparation of the upcoming synod.

Please do your part by completing the Disciple Maker Index Survey, which specifically for our parishioners is at


The Disciple Maker Index (DMI) is an anonymous survey of parishioners that provides insights into the level of missionary discipleship in the parish in addition to the effectiveness of the Mass experience, preaching and other aspects of the parish. Archbishop Perez has invited all parishes throughout the Arch- diocese of Philadelphia to take part in the Disciple Maker Index survey.

The survey is live only until April 4, so please make haste. Despite what it says on the page, Fr. Matthew H. Phelan, O. de M. is our pastor. We thank Fr. Scottston Brentwood, O. de M. for his service as administrator until January 7th, 2022.